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Bend-Tech Dragon Model A150:

MSRP | 12 foot: $15,900 USD, 21 foot: $18,900 USD

Bend-Tech Dragon Model A150 is a complete solution for tube cutting, etching, and marking combined with the world’s most powerful software for tube design and manufacturing. A150 will plasma cut your end profiles, holes and contours. It will also mark or engrave your bending information; including bend angle labeling, bend location line-up marking and bend rotation line-up marking. Dragon can also mark your weldment fit-up locations. All this is done in seconds directly from your 3D solid CAD designs.

Bring your 3D CAD designs to life

CNC Plasma Cutting/Marking Machine for all your tube & pipe cutting needs

Watch Bend-Tech Dragon machine demo video Watch Bend-Tech Dragon software demo video

Integrated CAD & CAM Software

Bend-Tech Dragon model A series comes with a software bundle containing two powerful software products; Bend-Tech Dragon CAD and Bend-Tech Dragon CNC. Working side by side, these software will take your solid model CAD files, convert them into CAM ready drawings, and then send them over to Dragon CNC plasma machine to automatically mark & cut your designed tubes seamlessly.

Bend-Tech Dragon CAD

Bring in your 3D CAD designs, or create them from scratch with Bend-Tech Dragon Software Suite. Dragon Software is able to import STEP & IGES files which are supported by most CAD software such as Bend-Tech, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, PRO Engineer, etc. Once imported, Dragon software can trace all your CAD geometries including end cut profiles, holes, bends, weldment saddle, and etc. These geometries then, will be converted into CAM ready file that can be read by Bend-Tech Dragon CAM software for actual manufacturing with precision.

Bend-Tech Dragon CNC

Dragon software is an automated CAM product that understands tubing. Dragon CAM software is exclusive to Dragon machines and it will automatically create cutting, marking, and engraving paths by converting your imported CAD data into machine readable G-Codes. This conversion process will automatically create your end copes and cuts that are normal (perpendicular) for perfect fitting/welding, and locate and mark precise bend locations, rotations, and bend angles that will compensate for your material's stretch and spring back. Bend-Tech Dragon software also comes with a nesting ability to allow several parts on the same stock tube.

Streamlined CNC Machine

If you are marking bending locations, cutting end notching profiles, etc, Dragon's CNC driven system allows for easy machine operations to manufacture the parts you need with the push of a button. The movable and simple to use operator's panel will keep your tasks simple and safe. Some of Bend-Tech Dragon machine's key features include:

Plasma Cutting

With mechanized plasma torch, Bend-Tech Dragon will cut end profiles, holes, and other contours with push of a button. Dragon can automatically make normal (perpendicular) cuts for perfect tube fitting and welding that your job may require. (Plasma torch sold separately.)

Tube Marking/Engraving

Dragon is able to automatically mark or engrave your CAD part's bend locations, rotations and bend order/angle labels in one simple conversion step. You can also Etch or Mark your weldment fit-up locations right on the tube for fast and precise welding.

Operator's Control Panel

This easy to understand control panel is built for the shop and is designed for the most novice of machine operators. LED lights tell the operator exactly what the machine is currently doing and any operator actions that are required.

Support Yoke

The support yoke is designed to guide the tubing even if the material stock is not perfectly straight. It can be easily adjusted for different diameter by simply turning it.

Pass Through Chuck

Pass through chuck will feed the tubing and also allows for pieces that are longer than the machine to be manufactured by allowing longer tubes to go through the chuck.

Tool Changer

Machine will switch between marker/ engraver/ plasma/ laser pointer automatically depending on your intended tasks. This automatic tool changer allows marking and cutting on a tube to be seamless and hands free for manufacturing.

Tube Flip/Repositioning

Dragon can create a mark or etch on the first position of tube and then go back into a home position. Then the operator will release the tube from the chuck and re-align the tube with a laser pointer mounted to the head and then continue cutting, marking and etching the next position of tubing. This eliminates the scrap that is created by fully utilizing the entire length of tube and works with tubes longer than the machine.

Integrated CAD, CAM Software

Our software bundle is the brain of Bend-Tech Dragon machines. These smart CAD and CAM software will eliminate lengthy and complex conversion process for manufacturing your CAD files. With Dragon machine and the help of Bend-Tech software, you will no longer have to manually unfold your 3D CAD in order to manufacture that part.

Add-On Features

Each sold separately. Add-ons can be purchased by contacting us via phone or email.

Coolant Circulation System

Dragon's coolant circulation system is an optional add-on feature that can enhance the cut quality of your tubes & pipes. Coolant circulation system will keep the material cool during plasma cutting, making it ideal for Aluminum and stainless steel.

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Hypertherm® Plasma System

With Bend-Tech Dragon machines, we recommend that you use Hypertherm Powermax 45 or higher with mechanized torch for the best cutting results. Bend-Tech is an official OEM of Hypertherm plasma torches, and they can be purchased through us with the Dragon machine sale.

Machine specs:

  • Machine travel length:
    -A150, 12 foot model: 148" (126" of travel in 1 position/unlimited when re-positioned).
    -A150, 21 foot models: 296" (270" of travel in 1 position/unlimited when re-positioned).
  • Tube size:
    -Round: 0.75"~3.00" diameter (Up to 2" using pass through ability of chuck).
  • Tube weight: 150 lbs maximum
  • Working height: 41"
  • Machine weight:
    -12 foot model: Approx 790 lbs
    -21 foot model: Approx 1000 lbs
  • Foot print (Including part catcher):
    -12 foot model - Length: 228", Width: 26", Height: 60"
    -21 foot model - Length: 336", Width: 26", Height: 60"
  • Speed of cutting: Varies by material (.120 wall cuts at 190" per minute at 45 amps)
  • Marking adapter: Designed for Sharpie™ fine tipped pens
  • Material support: Included in 21 foot model

What's included:

  • Bend-Tech Dragon machine
  • Operator's control panel
  • Engraver
  • Permanent marker
  • Laser pointer
  • Bend-Tech Dragon Software Suite + 2 year Maintenance plan

What you will need:

  • Windows based desktop or laptop computer
    See Computer Requirements
  • Plasma torch with mechanized head - Recommends Hypertherm Powermax™ 45 or higher. *Bend-Tech is an official OEM of Hypertherm, and their plasma torch can be purchased through us with the Dragon sale.
  • 220-240v outlet (for plasma system)
  • 2x - 110-120v outlets (for machine)
  • Misc 110-120v outlets (for computer, monitor, etc.)
  • Air compressor (Engraver and center support)
  • Air compressor or inert gas (for plasma system)

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Minimum Computer Requirements

• Windows Operating System (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
• 2.8GHz Dual-Core Processor
• 4GB Ram (Memory)
• 10GB Free Hard Drive Space
• 1280 x 800 Screen Resolution or greater
• OpenGL 1.3 Compatible Graphics Adapter
• .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Installed
• Dedicated Ethernet port (for running machine)
• WiFi Adapter (if internet is required)
• Full Keyboard and Mouse
• CD Drive (for installing software from CD)

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Bend-Tech Annual Maintenance

With fast evolving CAD and CAM software industry, staying on Bend-Tech annual maintenance plan will ensure that your Bend-Tech software is up to date and compatible with other systems. Being on maintenance will also grant you Bend-Tech's in-house live technical support via phone or email. Also, during your annual maintenance period, any enhancements and upgrades will be provided instantly upon its release for free. With your Dragon machine purchase you will have 2 free years of maintenance, and then annual maintenance fee will apply after. You will be notified via email 1 month prior to your maintenance expiration.

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Coolant Circulation System

Dragon Coolant Circulation System Diagram

Included with coolant circulation system:

  1. Modular coolant collection tray
  2. Rear mandrel mount
  3. Control box splash guard

Not included:

  1. Mandrel tubing
  2. 3/4" threaded garden hose
  3. Coolant reservoir tank
  4. Coolant pump
  5. Coolant flow regulator valve
  6. Adapter hose
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